Deep Sea Monster Titanium Boat Rod

The Jigging Master Deep Sea Monster Titanium Boat Rod is a specially designed deep sea fishing rod. Unlike other similar products, which mostly use traditional solid glass fiber that has strength, but no resilience, JM uses glass fiber mixed with carbon fiber with vertical and horizontal carbon slit cross wrapping process surrounding the main hollow structure. Then the whole body is covered with titanium wire. In addition to being strong and lightweight, the tail is delicate and sensitive, the waist is invincible, the fishing rod never wears out. The excellent spiral guide design challenges the history of the world's deep-sea fishing rods like never before.

Model: Jigging Master Deep Sea Monster Titanium Boat Rod
Power: 90 degree 25 kg, 70 degree is 50kg )
Rod Type: Conventional / Overhead
Material: Nanotechnology high density fiber glass
Guides: 10+1
Guide Type: ALPS Z Series
Reel Seats: ALPS
Color: Gold / Red
Pieces: Two Piece Rod
Rod Length: 2.5m / 8 ft
Rod Application: Monster Hunting, Kung-Fu Fighting.

Manufacturer: Jigging Master

To see more videos of this rod in action you can find them on Youtube here: JIGGING MASTER EVOLUTION TITANIUM IN ACTION!

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