Super Monster 100% Fluorocarbon leader 50M

Constructed out of 100% Japanese Fluoro Carbon, the Jigging Master Super Monster Fluorocarbon lines cuts no corner and is line is the best leader line money can buy. There is a reason why Jigging Master fluorocarbon leader lines are 10~15% smaller in diameter compared to other leading brands with the same pound test rating. (JM 62 lb = 0.64mm / Seaguar 60 lb = 0.74mm / Yo-Zuri 60 lb = 0.78). The smaller diameter allows bait presentation to be natural, better knot strength, lower visibility, and ultimately yields more action! Low quality fluorocarbon lines can snap easily especially during cold temperatures, and is unreliable after a short period of time. The Jigging Master team constructed the Super Monster series fluorocarbon line by working directly with the #1 fluorocarbon line manufacture in Japan to ensure zero excuses for failure. Don't cost yourself your next trophy fish! Jigging Master work with the best of the best to bring you the best of the best when it comes to fluorocarbon leader lines!

Fluoro Carbon / Fluorocarbon line? Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible under water making them the best leader line for fishing sensitive species. From Jigging, fly-lining a live bait, dropper loop fishing, yo-yo fishing, or trolling, have 5~10 feet of fluorocarbon leader is proven to drastically increase action and versus monofilament / braid lines. The bait fish, jig, or bait simply looks much more natural without the visible line! FC is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbant, high-density and impervious to cold conditions.
  • 20~50% higher knot strength compare to trailing fluorocarbon lines.
  • 10~15% smaller diameter. (Example: JM 62 lb = 0.64mm / Seaguar 60 lb = 0.74mm / Yo-Zuri 60 lb = 0.78)
  • Battle proven by monster hunters around the world!
  • High quality material and construction enables extra toughness and maximum shock resistance.
  • Superior transparency and clarity; invisible under water.
  • Superior knot strength, drag strength, and line straighten recovery characteristic.
  • Low stretch for superior sensitivity.
  • Superior abrasion resistant, and higher tensile strength
  • The perfect leader for maximum action!
  • Made with 100% highest quality Japanese Fluoro Carbon.
Material: 100% Japanese Fluoro Carbon
Length: 50 Meters / 55 Yards / 165 Feet
Pound Test: 36 lbs
Diameter: 0.50mm
Color: Clear / Transparent.
Manufacture: Jigging Master

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