Stainless Steel Figure 8 Ring - 10 pcs

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The Jigging Master Figure 8 solid stainless steel rings are optimized innovation for jigging. Designed to greatly reduce the possibility of jigs swinging to the leader and cutting the leader when a large fish is on. The figure 8 design provides complete separation of the line, the jig, and the hooks to provide optimized lifting power. This design also provides superior freedom of moment for the jigs and lures while allowing the detachment and attachment of lures to be much easier for anglers. Made out of highest quality SUS304 stainless steel, one piece construction, and individually hand welded.

  • Enhances lifting power by optimized separation of the line, jigs, and hooks.
  • Provides superior / extra freedom of movement for the jigs and lures.
  • Allows easier attachment or detachment of jigs and lures.
  • Made out of SUS304 military grade stainless steel. One piece construction.
  • Individually hand welded.

  • Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel.
    Size: Medium (2.0mm. H=17.4mm / W1=7.6mm / W2=10.1mm)
    Strength: Rated 350 lbs.
    Qty in bag: 10 pieces
    Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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