2022 Gangster Stick II Fishing Jig

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The Jigging Master 2022 Gangster Stick II Fishing Jig is the enhanced version of the original Gangster Stick Jig with an optimized design.

With sports-car aerodynamic shape, triangular hydro-dynamic surfaces and equipped with customized "J" Logo 3D eye, the Gangster Stick 2 performs amazingly in fast jigging, on the drop, side jigging, low current and high current to get you the hook up even on slow days.

From the coast of California, Florida, Kona, Maui and Alaska, the Gangster Stick is tried and true to get the job done. It is by far one of our go to jigs for both pelagic species and bottom dwellers. The Gangster Stick performs especially well in unknown waters due to it's current friendly pencil-like over-all shape and the semi-flat fall actions on all 3 angles.

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