Devil VIP #660 - 250 Deep Sea Boat Fishing Rod

Jigging Master's Devil V.I.P. is a 2.5-meter heavy-duty boat fishing rod, designed specifically for deep sea giants. The rod is made from material different from general market products, which mainly use only solid fiberglass in order to lower the cost. Although solid fiberglass has the strength, it’s not elastic enough, allowing fish to escape after being hooked.

Jigging Master's Devil V.I.P. super boat rod uses multiple tube blank with a fiberglass and carbon mix. Additionally, they are wrapped with circular carbon fiber for reinforcement, making the rod an extremely tough 2:8 action. With a slim and sensitive tip and a strong body, the rod has no potential threat. Super-strength and lightweight, testing up to 25kg at 90 degrees, the rod never wears out. Equipped with a tangle free spiral guide design, this makes fishing from small yellow croakers and deep sea red snappers, to big groupers and monstrous amberjacks without problems, all qualities of a trusted partner.

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