Violent Slow Jigging Hooks - 4 hooks

The Jigging Master Violent-Slow hooks are superior saltwater hooks designed specifically for Jigging. With 30% reduced ring eye your dancing hook / assist hook will now possess enhanced line ergonomic and over-all better jig presentation. Designed by professional anglers that are field testing hooks daily, the JM Monster hooks are heat treated for enhanced hardness, with enlarged barb, extremely sharp conical point, extended hook point, optimized angle, and will not rust or corrode for multiple usage. These hooks are the perfect hooks for building your optimized jig, for fly-lining a live-bait, or for deep sea monster hunting the way you like it.

Quantity: 4 hooks
Hook Size: Large. Approximately Size 8/0~11/0. (36mm long, 50mm wide)
Material: Japanese supreme grade "never rust" super rust resistant stainless steel.
Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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