Patented Two Way 2012 Gimbal Plate

The Jigging Master 2012 Two Way Gimbal is designed for jigging, popping, and all monster fighting involving a fishing rod. Derived from countless amount of expeditions, and created from actual blue water testing during monster battles, the Jigging Master Two Way 2012 Gimbal Plate is engineered to outperform. Providing power from structure and optimized ergonomic design, this unique design allows the angler to quickly adjust the Gimbal to optimized fishing style and angle in splits of a second. When every bit of advantage counts, the Jigging Master Gimbal is there to provide you that winning edge.
Every Jigging Master 2012 Gimbal is completed with an adjustable belt. It is also compatible with the Jigging Master premium fighting belt paired with the special clip.

Package Includes: Gimbal and adjustable waist belt.
Dimension: 11.7 x 7 inches.
Weight: ~ 1.5 lbs
Orientation: Available in both RH (right hand) and LH (left hand) models. Right-hand models will have the pin on the left-hand side while the left handed model will have pins on the right-hand side.
Color: Available in Black/Gold, Blue/Silver, Red/Silver. For Silver/Gold, Gold/Silver, Grey/Silver and Purple/Silver please contact us.
Manufacturer: Jigging Master

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