Long Diamond Eye Jig (Model: 450g #06)

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The Jigging Master Diamond Eye is equipped with a perfectly balanced shape, the world-famous Jigging Master anti-scratch surface treatment, luminous effect, and irresistible actions. The optimized weight distribution of the Diamond eye is extremely easy to jerk, animate, and produces excellent motion performance even in strong current and strong wind conditions. The hologram like surface finish combined with the facets creates a rainbow array of colors from various angles, making it irresistible for the preying game fish even at low-apatite. The Diamond Eye works in all strike zone, works for fast and slow jigging style of fishing, and comes with a realistic 3D eye. Available in 10 finish, and 12 weight variants.

Size: Available in 150g / 230g / 330g / 450g / 550g / 650g
Color: #06
Weight: 450g

Manufacture: Jigging Master

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