Ocean Devil Fishing Reel - Gold / Silver (Size: PE6 Left Hand)

The Jigging Master Ocean Devil series fishing reels are customized lever drag reels to fulfill the need for fighting large fish. The Ocean Devil reels are the ultimate fishing reel in it's class with superior drag performance, CNC power handle, CNC ball-bar, 7 stainless steel ball bearing, 2 docking gears, lever drag system, excellent spool, and the entire reel is CNC precision machined out of a solid piece of aluminum. Light weight, strong, and powerful, the Ocean Devil series is a powerful companion for any angler to fight anything from a bait fish to a tuna. The Jigging Master fishing reels are the result of extensive market research and countless amount of blue water field testing. From performance to the exterior finish, every Jigging Master fishing reel is designed and engineered to out perform. Equipped with optimized gear ratio and integrated JM exclusive lever drag technology, this ultimate monster game ready fishing reel provides optimized torque and speed while requiring less force to get the job done.

100% CNC Construction and anodized finish:
Every Jigging Master fishing reel is 100% CNC machined out of a solid piece of military grade aluminum to achieve maximum strength, maximum durability, maximum precision, maximum performance, and to optimize the stunning anodized II finish. CNC precision manufacturing process is time consuming and not found in common mass production products. The lengthy CNC processing starts each reel off with a solid block of aluminum, to be slowly shaved down into shape in the duration of a few hours per reel. The molding technologies used by mass production companies are cheaper and faster, but results weak spots, and will almost always have imperfections. Each Jigging Master reel is also treated with the lengthy process of anodize II coating, and hand assembled by a certified master technician for maximum performance.

  • One-hand manipulation drag setting design.
  • 100% machine precision CNC construction out of a solid block of military aircraft grade aluminum.
    (Unlike the common molding construction for mass produced fishing reels.)
  • Superior drag technology for exceptionally smooth, strong, and reliable drag.
  • 7 aircraft grade stainless steel ball bearing + 2 docking gears.
  • Jigging Master lever drag system for maximum stability.
  • Exceptional optimized gear ration and torque / effort ratio.
  • Excellent free spool.
  • Unique JM anti-reversal / dual docking design to minimize pressure on the main gear and bearing for superior longevity and musical reeling sound.
  • Anodized surface treatment for anti-rust, anti-scratch.
  • Assembled by professional reel master for extra smooth gear rotation.
  • Equipped with power handle and ergonomic CNC aluminum cranking Ball-Bar.
  • One year warranty and 3 year parts support provided by JiggingmasterUSA.
  • Washing instructions: Wash the exterior with fresh water and wipe the exterior clean after use.

    Model: PE6 Ocean Devil (Left Hand)
    Color: Gold / Silver
    Gear Ratio: 1 : 4.3
    Reel Type: Conventional / Lever Drag.
    Spool Diameter: 64mm
    Spool Width: 38mm
    Gross Weight: 500g
    Line Capacity: 500 Meters / 546 Yards / 1650 Feet (Measured with #6 / PE6 line)
    Effective Drag: 30 lbs / Max 50 lbs
    Package Includes: Reel, Power Handle, Ball-Bar, Tool, Manual and JM Reel Sack.
    Manufacture: Jigging Master

    For left hand and other color options not yet available here, special order can take about 1~3 weeks. To make a special order please email us at sales@evike.com with subject line "JM SPECIAL ORDER"

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