Monster Size "Fallings" Jig (Model: 800g / 28oz #04)

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The Jigging Master "Fallings" jig is designed for the monster size trophies deep in the ocean. Optimized for jigging deep off the boat, every "Fallings Jig" is equipped with a balanced design to allow the jig to return to stable action when jigging at any direction. With irresistible free fall action, 3D eye, reflective surfaces, wide-variety of colors to choose from, and it's glow in the dark / luminous finish, the Jigging Master Monster Killer "Fallings" jig is a must have in your jig arsenal.

  • Extra large size for the trophy sized monsters and bragging rights.
  • Water ergonomic body allowing superior bait animation and repetitive jerking
  • Reflective holographic surface finish to attract maximum attentions and actions!
  • Realistic 3D eye.
  • Slim body for high speed action.
  • High current and strong wind condition compatible.
  • Luminous jig edge for visibility in deep water and night time.

  • Color: #4 Tuna Reflective with luminous bar
    Weight: 800g (28oz)
    Manufacture: Jigging Master

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