"Iron Man" 8'2" 2.50M Limited Edition Deep Sea Boat Rod

The Jigging Master "Iron Man" is a limited edition master piece engineered to conquer the seven sea. Inspired by the technologically advanced and powerful Iron Man, this rod is engineered to target large game up to 400 lbs! With blank test 40~260+ lbs, this powerful custom rod remains sensitive even with a 72 oz weight! The "Iron Man" limited edition rod is equipped with tangle free ALPS guide ring, ALPS reel seat, ALP gimbal seat, and superior finish to deliver power, performance and beauty!

The Jigging Master "Iron Man" Rods is the ultimate monster hunting equipment designed to battle the largest giant grouper, Amberjack, shark, marlin, or tuna on this planet. Legend has it, that this rod is strong enough to pull Optimus Prime without snapping. Further more, this limited edition Deep Sea Rod is accessorized with gold-plated ALPS SIC series guides, equipped with aluminum grip, and covered with sports car grade leather for enhanced gripping. The "Iron Man" Boat Rod is 8'2" feet long in length.

Model: Jigging Master Limited Edition Iron Man Deep Sea Boat Rod
Power: 40~260+ lbs
Rod Type: Conventional / Overhead
Recommend Reel Size: PE 5 ~ PE 20
Material: Special Formulated Carbon Fiber
Guides: 11
Guide Type: ALPS / San-fu Tangle Free / SIC Type Large Guides
Reel Seats: ALPS Reel Seat
Color: Gold / Red
Rod Length: 2.5 Meter / 8.2 Feet
Rod Application: Monster Hunting, Deep Sea, Boat, Kung-Fu Fighting.
Manufacture: Jigging Master

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