V.I.P Titanium 60B Jigging Rod (Model: #3)

The ultimate rod of JIGGING MASTER�s VIP series!!

JM V.I.P TITANIUM (only available in baitcasting) is created after the Gangster Godfather, with upgraded material elasticity, guide rings, and titanium wires. This rod sticks to the fish with its flexible material, allowing minimum escape possibility.

PONY specially designed the rod with extended EVA to deal with deep sea giants with their unlimited power. In addition to being more exquisite, it also beats the traditional short EVA that�s uneasy to hold. For the perfect match, ALPS IGMXNZG + FUJI TOP is especially used to resist the seawater corrosion. The golden luxurious spiral guide rings along with JM carbon fiber linear gimbal sets off the VIP TITANIUM from others, making it an invincible jigging rod!

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